CEO – Do You Know What Game You’re In and How To Play It?

According to Simon Sinek, most leaders don’t even know the game they are in. He explains it in his new book The Infinite Game. In the book, he explains that to be a leader you need two things – empathy and perspective. Many leaders focus on their status and position in the organization. They forget […]

Don’t Overlook These 3-Mega Forces as You Plan for 2020

November is that time of the year when many firms assess what has happened over the past 10 months and start to make plans for the next year. In this case, the view ahead is to 2020, to the next decade. If you are one of these planners, you might want to step back and […]

The Human Factor in 2020 – A New Consideration

If you are making a plan for 2020 one of the components of your business plan should be your employees. Some business people label this human capital. 3 Gates of Focus In business there are three gates of focus. These are the three things you must always pay attention to. One is Profit. If you […]

2020 Vision for 2020

This is the time of the year that businesses begin to look ahead to the coming year. Traditionally this approach is in the form of a strategic plan. Some considerations include new opportunities, new products and/or new services. It may also address expanding into new space and adding more equipment. It may take the form of […]

Finding the Leadership Balance in Business

If leadership was just about leading it MIGHT be easy. However, the challenging aspect of leading people is the dichotomy of leadership. It requires balancing opposite forces that every leader faces. A simple yet seemly contradictory challenge is when to lead and when to follow. The Dichotomy of Leadership is a follow up book by […]