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People Increase Complexity

Growth Curve SpecialistThe Stages of Growth concept examines the complexity levels that increase as a company grows. The complexity factor is caused by one key factor – People. Not profits, not revenue, but the addition of people.

Help for Small Businesses
TRW Consulting is focused on working with successful businesses with fewer than 500 employees to help them understand how issues change as a company grows and these complex problems are rarely fixed by simple solutions. As a Business Growth Specialist I work with CEOs and their management team to uncover the obstacles to their company’s growth.

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Stages of Growth X Ray™
Similar to a body X-Ray uncovering an underlying health issue, the Stages of Growth X-Ray™ uncovers underling business issues that need to be addressed. These include:

  • 27 Business Challenges – five are critical for you to address in your current stage of growth.
  • Builder: Protector ratio – the Confidence/Caution ratio – too much caution can slow you down.
  • Non-Negotiable Rules – you can’t ignore these basics – uncover the ones for your stage of growth.
  • 3 Gates of Focus (Profit-People-Process) – identify the right gate of focus to tackle the root cause of a problem.
  • Leadership Blend – tune in to the skills and competencies you need to move your company forward.
  • CEO- Manager-Staff Modalities – a subtle indicator that helps the entire organization impact growth.

Stage growth xray

Through understanding the concept of the 7 Stages of Growth, CEOs can actually PREDICT how growth will impact them, help the FOCUS on the right things at the right time, and provide a CEO with the tools they need to ADAPT their leadership style to the needs of their company.

The 7 Stages of Growth is a concept developed by James Fischer, author of “Navigating the Growth Curve.” Fischer spent 6 years researching over 650 CEOs of successful growth companies to uncover why some entrepreneurial companies made it and others fell by the wayside.

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