What some of our clients have saying

His expertise and contacts that he has built over the years are priceless”

Amanda Isaacson, Back Road Meats

Tom was outstanding to work with, easy going, and EXTREMELY helpful!!  There is no way that we would have been able to get this without him.  I am so grateful to have had the chance to sit down and go over everything that we have thought of to make our dream a reality, and to have him actually get it started in the right direction was a huge relief!  His expertise and contacts that he has built over the years are priceless…I never would have found the people that he got me in contact with to start our business, I know because I looked and tried for a year and a half prior to meeting him!  Honestly, Tom was my last effort in trying to get our business idea financed and he should have been our first! I thought we would never get financed and he was like, this is completely a realistic and profitable venture that should have no problem getting financing for.  From then on, he worked tiny little business miracles to help us along and it will never be forgotten!

“help(ed) us get our business plan and projections in order”
Rick Schneider, Owner Isanti Spirits
Tom Willett was an indispensable resource for my start-up company.  He was recommended by one of our prospective lenders to help us get our business plan and projections in order.  Tom gave us tough, honest feedback leading to a presentable package and ultimately the loan we needed to get our business off the ground.  He truly wants to see you succeed and pushed us to learn what we needed.  He also pulled from what we already knew to get a complete business plan representing our dreams, goals, and plans for success. When it came time to submit our proposals to lenders, we handed out our presentation with confidence after working with Tom.  In the end we landed a loan, gap financing, and a state agriculture grant.  Tom was a major part of our success and I would bring any new plan to him first.

“His support has been priceless”
Rose Ryan, President of North Post, Inc.
Tom has been working with my son and I on a wide range of issues from getting us into the GPS 45:93 Economic Gardening Program with the Edward Lowe Foundation and helping with a loan package for a laser cutter to changes to QuickBooks for more management information and helping with a break-even analysis to set realistic sale goals. He has been a great help increasing our understanding of growing our business. His support has been priceless.

“priceless help”
Alicia Overby, President of Baby Elephant Ears (2014 SBA Exporter of the Year)
After I first met with Tom [Willett] I knew he’d be priceless help. Working with him is like gold – hitting the jackpot. Tom has proven to be invaluable help.

“help … launch new businesses.”
Greg Bergman, North Central SBDC Regional Director
Tom has been a MNSBDC Consultant for the past several years. He has worked with SBDC clients on a variety of business issues including business plans, marketing, cash flow, bookkeeping (QuickBooks), etc. He has also worked with GATE clients using the SmallBizU classes and one-on-one counseling to help them launch new businesses.

“setting up QuickBooks”
Sheryl Ford ND, Natural Health Design
Thank you for your patient help with setting up QuickBooks and ongoing support whenever the need arises. I have found you full of good ideas for networking and marketing. I appreciate the way you “find” answers or ideas to situations that come up. I have benefitted from having you in my business life!

“QuickBooks training helped me minimize my bookkeeping time”
Joy Morlock, Navigate Coaching and Counseling Services
The TRW Consulting’s Business Analysis helped me take a comprehensive look at my business. The QuickBooks training helped me minimize my bookkeeping time. The Break-Even Analysis helped me set realistic financial goals and establish my pricing. I have experienced a complete turnaround in my business through following the advice TRW Consulting gave me. Their personal, professional service helped me conquer huge business roadblocks. Thanks TRW Consulting!