Business Services

Business “Accounting” Services

Business Servicescounting services involve helping client’s with a manual or, more likely today, a computerized bookkeeping system, such as QuickBooks. Traditionally these services carry on to year-end tax services. We provide these and more in a non-traditional fashion.

QuickBooks Services

As a QuickBooks Pro Advisor, we can save you time and money by

  • Helping you select QuickBooks software (Pro, Premier, etc.) that best meets your needs.
  • Training you on the proper set-up and the many features and reports in QuickBooks
  • Providing ongoing support as various issues and questions arise

Taxes Services

We can help you save time and money by

  • Educating you on how to keep proper business records to obtain all of the tax deductions you are entitled to.
  • Developing a tax plan before the end of the year to minimize your tax liability
  • Preparing accurate tax returns that maximize your tax deductions and minimize your tax liability while providing peace of mind to you
  • Helping you with sales tax, payroll, and other issues, including presenting you on state and federal issues.